Tuesday 15 November 2011

Yorkshire Charollais Flock Competition

Latest news from Foulrice Charollais is that we have enjoyed success in the Yorkshire area flock competition as follows:-
  • Large flock ewes 1st prize
  • Large flock ewe lambs 1st prize
  • Stock ram with progeny on the ground 1st prize  -  Wernfawr Jim, XEV 9061
  • Home bred ram lamb - 1st prize - Foulrice Lightening 11DG01588 - this is our top March born ram lamb being born & reared as a twin off a ewe lamb. At 22 weeks he weighed 73kgs & scanned with a 34.7mm eye muscle, coming in with an index of 355, putting him in the top 10%. He has a certain amount of style & a really good tight skin, consequently we have used him & he has served 25 ewe lambs.

All of this culminated in us being awarded Champion Flock with which we are highly delighted.

Sunday 23 October 2011

2011 - Watch this Space


We've just moved our website so that we can easily update it!!!

We will be updating with what's happened recently and going forward with more photos and information.