Performance Recording

As previously mentioned we have consistently carried out performance recording since the founding of our flock, utilising the services of MLC / Signet. In more recent years we have added to this the benefits of our own in house recording which gives us an up to date picture not only of Estimated Breeding Value attributes, i.e. growth rate, muscle, and fat depths, but also the economic returns of each breeding line in the flock.
Westonvale Jubilee XBB 9016 is more than well documented for his influence, not only in the Foulrice Flock, but further afield, with to date a total in excess of 1660 progeny in 9 recorded flocks.

Westonvale Jubilee, Champion Ram Lamb at Lichfield Premier Sale 1999.
Such is the genetic value of this ram that we have AI'd some ewes again to him this year.
Recording has moved on and with the advent of BLUP we now have across breed recording which is a good management tool, but we aim to use it along with selecting for good skins and gigot shape. there is now an increased interest from buyers looking at Estimated Breeding Values for specific traits of growth rate and muscling to complement individual flock production requirements.
Typical group of shearling rams